Services & Programs

Excellent Family Health Care For All

The Mango Tree FHT will be part of the Ontario Government’s Family Health Care for All Strategy, which will improve access to comprehensive family health care for all Ontarians.
As a collaborative team practice, Mango Tree FHT will emphasize health promotion and improved management of chronic disease through both treatment and monitoring, as well as support their patients in improving self-management skills. Keeping patients healthier and chronic disease better managed are key to reducing Emergency Room visits.
Mango Tree physicians will work as part of a team with other health care providers to focus on keeping patients healthy. Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and other members of the team will practice together in a positive work environment, sharing and benefiting from complementary knowledge and skills of their colleagues.
Our initiatives include: enrolment of unattached patients, integrated cancer screening and chronic disease prevention and management, with an increased focus on diabetes in support of Ontario’s Diabetes Strategy.

Health Assessments
  • Evidence-based annual health assessment based on Canadian consensus guideline provided by team members
  • General diagnosis and treatment
  • Patient education to develop self care tools
  • Primary reproductive health checks and PAP smears
  • Childhood immunization as per immunization schedule
  • Influenza vaccination
  • Mammography referral
  • Colon cancer screening as per Colon Cancer Check
  • Primary mental health care
  • Nutrition Assessments
Mango Tree Family Health aims to provide excellent family medicine care by an experienced and caring team. We aim to provide care that is centered around you. Our service to you includes:
  • Urgent Care
  • Well Babies
  • Prenatal Care
  • Periodic Personalized Prevention visit
  • Dietician counselling by a Registered Dietician
  • Mental Health Worker
  • Routine services provided by a Family Doctor

(These services are covered by OHIP)

“The Ontario Government has set out an agenda to realize an unprecedented paradigm shift in the delivery of health care, particularly around quality of services delivered, integration of services across the continuum of care, cost of services, and the long-term sustainability of the health care system as a whole. As a result:

  • Patients will feel more satisfied with their experience, receive better access to care through their primary care provider, and receive care closer to home or even better, from your home.
  • Providers will work together more effectively at the ground level to better meet the needs of patients.
  • System partners will be working within their communities to strengthen the capacity of the system to meet the needs of patients.
  • The system will deliver better value for the investments made.”*

Mango Tree is proud to be part of your primary care system’s transformation.